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It’s a matter of relative culture. If we were hotshot San Fran-based fishing-marketing bloggers we might modestly gloat and preen. We might even strut around and puff out our chests. But being rather English, we’re more inclined just to shuffle our feet, look mildly embarrassed and stutter slightly, and inwardly wonder how we ever got here…

Nevertheless, the Wandle Piscators have a new platform. And it’s a monthly-ish guest blogging slot on the FT’s How To Spend It digital lifestyle magazine.

Alongside armchair viniculture, sharp-edged modern art, and frighteningly expensive watches, all those globetrotting cosmocrats can now read about something slightly closer to earth, maybe (gasp) even more long-term important for the human race, and soul…

Rivers are the very arteries of our landscapes – and it’s anglers who are looking after them. From monitoring water quality, pulling out rubbish and breaking down dams weirs for fish passage, to founding and running game-changing river conservation charities and networks, anglers like the Wandle Piscators choose to spend countless voluntary hours every year driving the improvement of our rivers, making sure we’ll leave them healthier than when we found them, at very least still holding fish for the next generation.

That’s something to be proud of.  Maybe that’s something that even deserves a little chest-puffing and platform-time.

From our base in gritty South London, How To Spend It’s readers can still expect to see plenty of bling and glamorous international travel. (We’re not stick-at-home philistines, either) But with the support of some very brave and forward-thinking editorial staff, we also intend to pull no punches about the fundamental importance of active, hands-on conservation work and getting all our rivers healthy again.

And maybe, after all, we’ll allow ourselves just the smallest, very English, chest-puff. 

Hello P-for-Popsy… hello P-for-Popsy… start your attack now… we’ll be covering you…

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